Learn Greek on Crete at Lexis

  • Learn Greek on Crete at Lexis
  • Learn Greek on Crete at Lexis
  • Learn Greek on Crete at Lexis
  • Learn Greek on Crete at Lexis

Lexis Greek Language and Culture Centre has operated in Hania since 2000. The Centre offers programs to adults of every nationality who want to learn Modern Greek, to improve it or to perfect their knowledge of the language, and at the same time discover Greece itself, via lively teaching methods and also through various activities that the Centre offers outside the classroom.

The programs are aimed at:

  • people who love Greece, visit often and want to learn to communicate in the language of the country
  • people who live and work for a long or a short period of time in Greece
  • students and teachers/lecturers of foreign schools and universities who are studying or teaching Ancient or Modern Greek, Greek history and civilization
  • Greeks who live abroad
  • translators or interpreters who work or want to work as Greek language translators or interpreters
  • any other person who is interested

Why choose Lexis Centre for my Greek Language course

  • Lexis Centre offers courses in small groups (3-7 people), and special emphasis is placed on the learning needs of each student, as well as on the different levels
  • Methodologies are focused on conversation so that our students will achieve an active knowledge of the language in a natural way
  • It offers flexibility on the starting dates of the courses since the various levels of courses are offered throughout the year apart from the scheduled
  • Teaching material is given on the intensive courses free of charge
  • Free cultural activities for the intensive courses
  • Free wi-fi internet access from the Centre’s premises
  • Our teachers are all native speakers, university-trained in the language and experienced in teaching the Greek language to adult foreigners

Why choose Chania to learn Greek

  • Chania is on the island of Crete, the largest and one of the most fascinating islands in Greece. The Chania region combines innumerous natural beauties, like stunning beaches and spectacular mountain ranges with caves and gorges, with several monuments like the Venetian harbor and the restored Venetian townhouses and the Byzantine churches, which can offer the student-visitor a wide variety of activities which can be combined with the language courses
  • You will have the opportunity to taste the Cretan cuisine in one of the island’s finest restaurants, renowned for its life-prolonging qualities and on which the famous Mediterranean diet was based
  • Good value for money! Crete is well known as a tourist destination for its high quality accommodation services with reasonable costs.Visitors have a vast selection of accommodation from which to choose, from luxury hotels and resorts to campsites and youth hostels
  • It is easy to get here, with many direct flights from several European cities, two international airports, one of which is located in Chania, and one domestic airport in Sitia. Additionally, there is a daily ferry connection to Piraeus, Athens from Souda Bay (Chania).
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